Which Company Is Right For You?
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Use the slider to controls to align how your personal and professional values align with the four possible companies. Mouse over the key to isolate companies.
My recent and successful job search proved interesting for a variety of reasons. There are several considerations for securing a position that is the right fit both personally and professionally. The above tool provides an example of how data visualization can assist in this process. The sliders on the right can be adjusted according to your personal and professional values. This will help show which company most resembles your personal profile. Company data is based on fictional companies.

This project builds on prilimary work by Martin Walsh. I wanted to make an interactive version of Martin’s radar chart. To complete this task I used Node.js, D3, React and Redux. Data for the fictional companies is provided via a spread sheet, however, it would be easy to refactor to accommodate a RESTful API via middleware inserted into Redux. You can fork this project from GitHub.

Happy Job hunting!

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